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    Stone wash basin shows the natural essence of stone

    Source:/en/news/1161.htmlTime: 2019-10-25 14:04:20

    Stone wash basin shows the natural essence of stone
    The hand washing basin selects natural stone, emphasizes the heavy strength of the stone, and the machine processing shows the elegance and purity of the original stone, and its form shows the natural essence of the stone.

    "Stone and water are two elements that inspire me," explains the designer. He made use of different natural stones to create three series of "essence (essence)", "flow" and "errosion" (erosion). The stones used include gold black stone from Saragossa, Spain, and gray stones from Burgos, Spain. White marble from Calara, Italy.

    "In this design, I used an irregular analytical creative method, which I call 'the conceptual nebula,'" said Miguel Herranz, referring to the hand basin series designed for nerinea. "This design method allows us to create conceptual tools for real-world solutions, which need to analyze the three basic elements of each project. The three elements are culture, industry and society. "I use this approach in product design, creative direction, design thinking or design management," continued the designer, who is also responsible for brand creative direction. The essence (essence) series selects the basic form of raw materials. Under the action of robot processing system, the designer highlights the sense of strength and weight of natural stone. In the "flow" series, herraz has created a light-weight wash basin, with a slightly embedded base, so that the entire wash basin is only placed on the table 35 cm deep, which undoubtedly makes it an ideal choice for small space. In the "erosion" series, the designer emphasizes the beauty of stone by using the sculpture form that reminds people of the dynamic of water.

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