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    What kind of stone is more suitable for hand basins?

    Source:/en/news/1162.htmlTime: 2019-10-25 14:04:43

    What kind of stone is more suitable for hand basins?
    Because the wash basin often uses alkaline chemical liquid when washing hands, so the marble wash basin chooses the stone with high density as much as possible in the selection of materials. If the condition allows the higher hardness, the more wear-resistant, and the more convenient maintenance; the natural stone is divided into two categories: the first category is granite, the second category is marble, and the English is "granite" and "marble". Granite is a kind of igneous magmatic rock, which is caused by the weathering of the rock and sand on the surface of the stratum, moving slowly to the deep trench on the sea floor, moving the crust again and again, and slowly eating them to the center of the earth and being melted by ultra-high temperature. Because the density of magma is lower than the surrounding rock, it is gradually pushed upward, and a new 3-D junction crystal (igneous rock) is formed after cooling. Because it is also a 3-D junction crystal, its texture is small, and the pattern has the feeling of three-dimensional and crystal. Even some granites will give off dazzling luster in the light. Its main components are feldspar, quartz, mica, etc. its ordinary service life is more than 1000 years. Granite has a single grain, high hardness, wear resistance and low cost of care. It is suitable for the use of public space ground and external wall, such as airport, outdoor, garden high-speed railway station ground and other high flow space. Of course, it is the first choice stone for wash basin. Granite is wear-resistant, but the mining processing time is long and the cost is high. Stone pillars.

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