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    What are the types of natural cultural stones?

    Source:/en/news/1165.htmlTime: 2019-12-14 10:25:03

    What are the types of natural cultural stones?
    With the widespread use of man-made cultural stone, natural cultural stone has gradually become the choice of people. As a product of nature, there are many kinds of natural cultural stone for us to choose. Let's see what kinds of natural cultural stone are.
    1. Slate culture stone
    Natural slate has a special lamellar texture. Its texture is clear and picturesque, and its texture is fine and dense. The house decorated with this kind of cultural stone will have a feeling of returning to nature.
    2. Yuhua culture stone
    The natural rain flower stone is collected in the riverbed, which is colorful and charming in texture. Artificial rain flower stone is mechanically broken by large stones, and then sharpened to blunt by grinding. It is bright in color and more colorful when encountering water. Yuhua stone is pearly and jade, like notes piling up a flowing architectural movement.
    3. Tile board culture stone
    The natural tile plate is slate layered, only a few millimeters thick, light and tough. The roof can be more three-dimensional by arranging or superimposing various specifications of tile. The combination of various colors can make the building more vitality.
    4. Sandstone culture stone
    The surface and texture of sandstone have a kind of primitive flavor, like the undulating sand dunes of the desert, like the gentle beach of the sea. It is a combination of overall harmony and detailed changes. The color of sandstone is clear, white as ice and snow, yellow as fine sand and red as magma. The effect of decoration is solemn and elegant.
    5. Mushroom culture stone
    Mushroom stone has the shape of ancient castle wall stone. It is dignified and unrestrained. Its rough appearance is very three-dimensional, bringing nostalgic feelings to people. Mushroom stone is made by hand. The color can be adjusted freely, and the lines can run freely. Therefore, the overall effect is unique.
    6. Rust plate culture stone
    Rust plate culture stone can be divided into powder rust, water rust, jade rust, purple rust and so on. Colorful and varied patterns are the unique features of rust plate culture stone. Rust board has warm color affinity, giving people a natural and primitive feeling in a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere.

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