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    Sand blasting treatment of natural cultural stone

    Source:/en/news/1166.htmlTime: 2019-12-14 10:25:28

    Sand blasting treatment of natural cultural stone
    As a kind of natural cultural stone with uniform design and color, hard and weathering resistance, it will be laid in a large area, and then it will be sand blasted. At this time, how do we deal with it.
    The application scope of sand blasting treatment of cultural stone is very wide. It can not only be used in the processing of natural slate products such as thin plate, specification plate, etc., but also can be used in the processing of lines, steps, corners, etc., which is also widely used in the carving of natural cultural stone.
    Sand blasting is not only used for the surface processing of natural cultural stones, but also for the decoration surface. Therefore, for some natural cultural stones that have been installed, if there are serious irreparable lesions or are polluted, we can use the surface sand blasting to deal with these lesions and pollution Problem.
    To sum up, we usually carry out sand blasting processing like other processing methods, which can not only carry out small-scale sand blasting processing, but also carry out large-scale sand blasting processing. In this way, the natural cultural stone we do can be used well.

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